What are your guiding principles?

Momentia affirms ‘the new dementia story’:

  • There is life beyond a diagnosis – a life that includes the possibility for joy in the midst of challenge.
  • Persons living with dementia remain a vital part of the community and deserve the opportunity to stay connected and engaged.
  • Persons living with dementia are the experts on their own experience and their valuable perspectives must be recognized.
  • By working together, we can transform what it means to live with dementia in the community, changing the story from one of despair, to one of hope.

Guiding Principles

An event or program organized in the spirit of Momentia must:

1.   Celebrate the strengths of persons living with dementia and include their voices.

o  Have persons with dementia organized this or been consulted (“nothing about us without us”)?

o  Does this program acknowledge and highlight people’s strengths and gifts?

2.   Be open to the public and take place in a community setting – ideally a public space like a museum, café, library, theater, etc.

o  Is the opportunity advertised to the general public as opposed to being a private event?

o  Does it build a ‘dementia-friendly community’ by inviting persons living with dementia to access and enjoy public settings, rather than being excluded?

3.   Involve an opportunity for engagement and empowerment in community.

o  Does this provide a chance to stay active, engage in arts and culture, connect with others, or make a difference?

The word ‘Momentia’ is meant to serve the movement, rather than being owned by a single person or organization. If you would like to use the word ‘Momentia’ within the title of a program or event, feel free! Just use the three guiding principles.